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Landfill Films was established in 2005 by Brian (me) and Tim Bewsher. A few years later, John Sutherland joined the team. Together, we produce bad movies. Our work has played at film festivals and has even garnished some awards. Pretend spitting on someone is the same as handing them an award.

Let’s bore you some more. John has actually eaten a PA. Alive. Don’t be late to set. Tim went missing several years ago. Rumor has it that he and DB Cooper opened a B&B on one of the Kodiak islands. And much to my wife’s chagrin, I am a survivor of colon cancer. Colon cancer – I should have smoked those cigarettes instead of sticking them up my ass. That’s the last time I listen to my old man.

Do you really care? Probably not.

Our first feature, Spin My Dreidel, was used by the CIA to torture terror suspects, but resulted in too many fatalities (they replaced our movie with Sandler’s Just Go With It).

As I share with you our journeys, our struggles, our pain, our prison experiences, I will also share many of the resources that I have found useful in our own endeavors, tips and tricks that have worked for us, and interesting events going on in our area. Feel free to share with us what you have found, as well as your own no/low-budget filmmaking experiences.


John, Brian, & Tim. Everybody loves a fat guy!


Ting-a-ling, you sons of bitches.


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